The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) strives to “serve the citizens of Chicago and the world by being an international leader in research, scholarship, and innovation, and by creating a globally connected campus community which supports faculty, staff, and students as they address the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.”

UIC is Chicago’s largest university and its only public Research I university. The university welcomes more than 6,000 international students and scholars to our campus each year and each year sends more than 300 students to study or research abroad. UIC also houses a number of internationally recognized and globally engaged research centers in urban studies, architecture, public health, social work, medicine, and engineering.

UIC is located in the heart of Chicago, an architecturally and culturally dynamic city of nearly three million people and home to Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, United Airlines, and Caterpillar. Fifty-four million people visit Chicago each year to enjoy rich and diverse history, arts, culture, architecture, sports and outdoor activities.

International Student Orientation 2021

In August, the Office of Global Engagement and the Office of International Services revived the “Mapping Our Global Community” event once again for this year’s International Student Orientation. While a number of students safely placed their pins on the map themselves, we adjusted the process so the large number of students attending virtually due to COVID restrictions were able to relay their home city and country to us, and a colored pin was placed on the map in their stead.

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