UIC Students Meet With Brian Bauer at the Comité Paris Chicago

Students posing with Kathryn Engel and Brian Bauer at the Comité Paris Chicago

For the third year in a row, thanks to Kathryn Engel, Senior Lecturer at UIC and committee member at Chicago Sister Cities International Paris Committee, UIC students have had the opportunity to meet with Brian Bauer at the Comite Paris Chicago, an organization that works to develop economic, scientific, educational, cultural, social and sporting exchanges between the sister cities of Paris and Chicago. Kathryn Engel also negotiated a ten-year MOU for internships for UIC students in Paris with CASVP, also known as Le Centre d'action sociale de la Ville de Paris (The Social Action Center of the City of Paris). UIC students, along with Kathryn Engel, are pictured here meeting with the Cultural Attache at the US Embassy in Paris.