International Travel Safety

Enroll in the UIC Travel Roster

Policy Statement

This international safety and travel policy governs all University Sponsored International Travel at UIC by UIC faculty members, staff and students. Its purpose is to ensure faculty, staff and students have essential information to make informed and safe decisions about International Travel.

All UIC students who travel abroad must enroll in a UIC travel roster and obtain the University of Illinois System’s comprehensive insurance plan or equivalent insurance approved by the UIC Study Abroad Office. All faculty and staff are encouraged to enroll in the portal and to obtain the same insurance policy or one that has the same or higher levels of coverage. All faculty or staff traveling with UIC students must enroll in the University’s International Travel Safety portal and the System’s comprehensive insurance plan.

This policy does not cover faculty, staff or students’ personal travel that is unrelated to work or academic duties at UIC.

Departments of faculty and staff will be reimbursed for the cost of the Gallagher insurance through their department.

Business managers or Travel Arrangers should contact The Office of Global Engagement for information at